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So last night. last night was great. Okay thats not very nice of me to say. But it's true.

Everything came to a head. I went to Dylans dorm to be sappy and couple-y and such for a few hours and you'll never guess who I ran into. Yes. Evan was there. I tried being nice to the boy. I swear I did. He was being a really big jerk though. He kept trying to cause tension and drama between everyone and eventually I crumbled.

I got really angry and told him what I really thought. We exchanged a few choice words and eventually I hit him! Right in the face! I'm not proud of it or anything,(Okay, maybe a little bit. He deserved it!) And I wanted to again and again and again. and my hand hurts a little from it. But after that he left and I felt pretty horrible about it. I don't hit people. Ever. I don't fight with anyone. I'm usually everyone's friend, but he's just.....I can't even describe it. I'm not a very good role-model, huh :/

Well leaving last night was a little awkward. I saw the door to his(evan, that is) room was open a little, and when I finally noticed it was open. it slammed shut. Almost like he was waiting for me to come out of Dylans room. Luckily I didn't come across him anymore, that probably wouldn't have turned out too well.

Anyway. I feel bad, and I want to apologize to him. Maybe i'll send him a card or something. I don't want to be in contact with him for a long while. But, never again would be nice
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