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You would cry too if it happened to you

So the whole "Marco Dylan weekend extravaganza" Hasn't exactly been going as planned. We've hung out a little, but I haven't talked to him for a long while. He probably got dragged off somewhere with one of his roomates. I was really looking forward to this weekend too. Hm...maybe today we'll do something. That is , if I feel better.

Yes, last night was a little....dumb of me. I now have a huge hangover. I got really trashed and probably shouldn't have drank, but I guess it was because I was a little sad, and plus I was trying to liven up the party a little anyway.

After a while of drinking. I got pretty sick. I don't remember much, I just remember I was carried to JT's bed by Tyler. Thanks again, man, for taking care of me. So after that, I woke up in JT's bed, with a huge hangover, and now i'm here. I think i'm going to take an advil, lay down, and wait for Dylan to call.
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