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I'm confused.

Dylan's not mad about the whole 'Tyler' thing. Which is good. I guess.

What I don't understand though, is why he's not mad? I mean. If he would start dating someone else so soon after we broke up, I'd be upset. Hell. I' was upset with myself after I started with Tyler. It makes me question whether he really loved me or not. and It makes me want to cry. Apparently he and Tyler talked last night, and I didn't figure nice things were said. Because when I got up this morning, Tyler left me a message that said "I have something to show you, and it isn't pretty.Hm....

On top of all of that I've been SO busy. Student council meeting on top of student council meeting, along with homework and things around the house. I'm suprised I haven't broke down yet. But It will happen soon enough. I just have to remember to keep putting on a happy face

Well. speaking of homework, I should go get started. Bye!
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