Marco Del Rossi (memymarcodr) wrote,
Marco Del Rossi

First of all...Dylan...I can't catch you online, so I'm just going to say this here.

I'm Sorry

For everything. For being immature. For not being understanding. I'm sorry.

Secondly , things have been so hectic. I probably wont be around much this weekend. I have to catch up on so many things and that is my only opportunity. So...i need to go to bed. I need as much sleep as I can get.

((ooc: Like Marco, I'm currently SWAMPED with schoolwork. Sorry I havent been as active as normal. I've really been trying but spring quarter has just started and i've been dying. I dont think i'll be able to get my 3 entries in either....sorry. Next week I will try my hardest to get 3 and comment. Just a heads up))
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