Marco Del Rossi (memymarcodr) wrote,
Marco Del Rossi

Like a Bollywood Dream

Yesterday. When I went to lunch, this group of guys kept harassing me. It really got me down, and I don't know why. I think it's just because I'd like to think everyone likes me, even though it's not the case. When people make it blatently obvious that they dont. It hurts. It really does. However

Today has been the best day so far this week! I actually got a good night sleep, and people were pretty bearable also! No student council meeting and only a minimal amount of homework, and that's my Wednesday. Sounds great, huh? I'm glad that my week is getting better.

Oh! I almost forgot! There's a really cool Bollywood Film being shown this weekend at the Duplex. Anyone up for a bite to eat and a movie? I'll even pay if you don't have any money. I'm feeling generous lately :).

And speaking of hanging out, does anyone want to go to Dylan's hockey match tonight? Its at 6. If so, meet me at the stadium!

I need to go get started on my homework, ciao!
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