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California Dreaming!

I was pretty depressed a few days ago...but I've been majorly cheered up. Mainly in the last couple of days. This weekend has been great!

Yesterday I took Tyler his present, since I didn't see him on Friday. Both of us got a present, however. I ended up almost kissing him, but shyed away. Eventually, HE KISSED ME! It was nice. I've been waiting for that for as long as I can remember. It was almost magical.

We've been talking since, and I'm pretty sure he wants to take. I'd like to date him...but....I'm just a little confused. I mean...I just officially ended things with Dylan. Is this too soon?

So other than that nothing too much has been going on. I'm excited for these next few weeks. Prom's coming up in a few weeks, and although I don't have a date, I still want to go.

And what comes with prom but the end of my presidency, of course. I'm excited for that. But...I know i'm going to miss it. I don't really care though. I know I'd rather NOT do it for another year, so I'm not going to.

Something I do have to do next year though: Homework. I should get on that.

Edit: I think I'm falling for him more and more each minute
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