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Nobody's Home

So I'm better, both physically and emotionally than I have been the last few days. I think I just needed massive amounts of sleep and a break from the whole 'work' thing. I'm counting down the days until my 'presidential term' is over, believe me.

As for that, nothing's really going on with it, actually. We've just been planning the prom and fundraisers, and the class trip, among other things. It seems like a lot more than it actually feels like. Who knows. Maybe I'm just weird.

It's only Monday too. Man, this week has been going so slowly. Anyone up for a get together at our favorite place this weekend? I probably don't have to ask, but I like to be organizational. It's a flaw.

Its just a tired start to a dull week. I can't wait for the weekend , though! I don't have anything planned but I'm sure something worthwhile is happening!

I should probably get my homework done, Ciao!
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